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Auto Bassinet Swing Sleeping Bed Electric Baby Crib Music Cradle+Controller

Auto Bassinet Swing Sleeping Bed Electric Baby Crib Music Cradle+Controller

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1. Use ABS material, safe and non-toxic.
2. Use thick steel pipe to ensure the baby's safety
3. Balanced shake, gentle and comfortable
4. Lengthen the design, let the baby have more activity space.
5. 180 degrees lie flat to prevent the baby's spine from deforming.
6. The inner layer thickens the mattress, the inner layer thickens fiber cotton, breathability is good, the baby sleeps more comfortable.
7. Soft and comfortable qualitative pillow, accord with human body engineering design, effectively protect head body healthy development.
8. Protective mosquito nets,protect the baby from mosquito bites,effectively fend off direct light.
9. MP3 music playback function, built-in 12 music
10. Comfortable and safe puppets, can effectively exercise the baby's eyesight and hand grasping ability.
11. It applies to babies between 0 and 18 months.

1. Automatic rocking chair,three gears can be adjusted,start button,per click, speed is 1, 2, 3.
2. Remote control, intelligent control.
3. The timer function, automatic shutdown,do not run for a long time, energy conservation and environmental protection.
4. Large USB port to extend the memory.
5. 5V low voltage safety voltage, multiple power supply methods.
6. Simple installation.
7. Safety fixed belt design to prevent side turning.
8. Anti-skid foot pads increase friction with the ground,it's hard to move and tip when shaking.

1x Electric Baby Crib Cradle
1x mat
1xcontroller ( INCLUDES batteries )
1xmosquito net
1x pillow
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