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Hayway Tuya Home Video Intercom 1080P Wireless WIFI Video Doorbell Camera For Apartment Support Motion Detection Auto Record

Hayway Tuya Home Video Intercom 1080P Wireless WIFI Video Doorbell Camera For Apartment Support Motion Detection Auto Record

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Connection Method: WIRED

Camera Sensor type: CMOS

Answering Mode: Hands-free

Display Size: 7

Display Screen Type: color

Zone Input: 8

Kit Configuration: One to One video doorphone

Access Control: None

Type: Intercom System

Waterproof: Yes

Material: Acrylic Wire Drawing Panel

Smart home platform: Tuya

IP Camera Interface: No

Samrt Home Interface: Yes

Installation: Wall Mounting

Resolution: 1080p

Connection Type: Wireless

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Plug Type: EU plug

Plug Type: US plug

Plug Type: AU Plug

Plug Type: UK Plug

Power: External power DC12V/Internal power 210V-240V

Model Number: H-Z6-P201-M710A

Sensor Size(Inch): 1/3

Camera: color

Power: 300mA

Viewing Angle (°): 110°

Size: Monitor:175.5mm x 122.5mm Intercom:115mm x 50mm

Doorbell: Yes

Technology: Analog

Memory: Support Max.128G SD Card

Intercom Mode: Hands-free Dual communication

Languages: Englisch Koreanisch Russisch Spanisch Chinesisch Turkish Polnisch etc.

Record Mode: Screenshots / Video Record

APP Support: Tuya Smart/Smart Life APP

Suppor: 2call panel + 6indoor monitor+ 2 camera+2PIR

Camera Sensor: CMOS 2.0 Megapixel

Viewing Angle (°): 110°

Night Vision: Support

Power Source: Outdoor Doorbell Powered By Indoor Monitor

Waterproof: IP65

Doorbell Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ + 50℃


Hayway 1080P Tuya Home Video Intercom System

1.7-inch 1080P high-definition video intercom system for more convenient operation.
2. Support mobile phone connection. When the visitor presses the doorbell, even if you are not at home, you can still talk to the guest through your phone and unlock the door on your phone.
3. Support lock connection, you can connect all electronic locks.
4.IP65 waterproof and high-definition night vision, it can work normally under any circumstances and is not affected by the environment.
5. Movement detection and automatic recording. Better protection of family safety.
6.Monitor supports multiple languages
7. Made in China, enjoy higher quality products at lower prices.
8.The monitor supports three different menu display modes.

New era smart home,Free tuya smart app, Monitor anytime and anywhere.

1.After downloading the Tuya app, you can connect the monitoring device to your smartphone in less than two minutes.The operation is simple and safe.
2.No matter where you are in your home or even abroad, you can easily answer the doorbell remotely and monitor the outdoor environment.
3.This trend of future technology, free your hands, and enjoy using a mobile phone to control the whole house of smart home appliances!

Mobile connection Tuya

You can quickly connect your phone to the product as shown in the figure below.

External power supply kit and built-in power supply kit

The external power supply kit cannot extend the connection distance of the power cord. The built-in power supply kit can be connected to a longer distance power cord. If the installation distance is far from the power supply, it is recommended to choose the built-in power supply kit

Hayway Smart video intercom system:

With the latest technology,when visitor press the doorbell,your phone will receive the APP notification, you can see,hear and speak to anyone at your door, even remote unlock via your smartphone in everywhere

The monitor supports three different menu display modes.

The monitor supports three different menu modes on Standard Android Windows 10, allowing you to freely switch according to your preferences.

Multi-languages OSD Menu

The products are available in English, Russian, German, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew, etc and other languages. You can choose freely from the menu. (If you need other languages, you can contact us to create it for you for free)

HD video and two-way voice intercom

With Hyaway 7" Wired Video Door Phone System, Visitor Can Use Call Panel Calls, Then You Use Video call with guests Indoor Monitor Unlocking, Monitoring, Taking Pictures And Recording Video.

Video or Picture Record, SD Card Supported

The product supports a maximum of 128G memory cards. After inserting a memory card, you can record doorstep updates on the monitor in the form of videos or photos (memory cards are not included in the package)

Mobile detection and automatic recording function

When an object moves within the shooting range of your doorbell, the product's motion detection function will be automatically triggered, and the product will automatically record videos or photos. You can view videos and photos on your device or on your phone. Recording videos requires you to insert a memory card into the monitor.

Supports one click unlocking.

Our visual intercom products can be connected to various types of locks. You can open the lock through the unlock function on your phone and the unlock button on the monitor. (The set does not include locks, please contact us to purchase if needed

ip65 waterproof

1.The product can operate as usual in many harsh environments outdoors, humidity rain, sleet, snow, high temperature.
2.IP65 waterproof:The airtightness is good, the outdoor unit is equipped with a rubber gasket ring, which can prevent dust, water and moisture.
3.operation temp:-40~+50,Can run normally in extreme outdoor temperature.

2.0MP high resolution, Night infrared monitoring camera

2.0MP high-definition outdoor camera, allowing you to clearly see every scene. 1080P high-definition image quality allows you to see clearly even at night. Protect your family's safety in all aspects.

Antioxidant metal alloy doorbell panel

The product is made of anti-oxidation metal, which can better protect the doorbell, increase the use time and prevent it from being damaged.

Product Specs and dimention


♦ Monitor: 7" screen
♦ Resolution:1024(H)*3(RGB)*800(V)
♦ Calling Mode:Two-way Intercom
♦ Memory: Support External Max.128GB SD Card
♦ Network: WIFI
♦ Leave Message Time: 30s/60s/90s optional
♦ Power Supply:External power DC12V/Internal power 210V-240V
♦ Installation Way:Surface Mounting
♦ Motion Detection :YES
♦ Language : English, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese, Azerbaijani, Turkish, French, Spanish, German
♦ System capacity:Maximum support 6indoor units+2 outdoor units+2camera

Door Bell

♦ Camera Sensor:2.0MP/1080P
♦ View Angle:110°
♦ Night Vision:6 white lights
♦ Power Supply:Supplied From Indoor Monitor/ Internal power
♦ Power Consumption:300mA Max.
♦ Electronic Lock:Support
♦ Accessory:Rain cover
♦ Operation Temp:-40°C +50°C
♦ Waterproof:IP65
♦ Installation:Surface Mounted

Connect diagram

The connection of the product is shown in the figure below, which can help you quickly connect the product in a few minutes. If you need any help, you can contact us at any time.

Package Included

Steering block*1
Rain cover*1
User Manual *2
Monitor Mounting Plate*1
Screw Bag *2
200mm 4 pin cable*4
200mm 2 pin cable*1

Power Adapter

We Will Send Suitable Power Adapter To You According To Your Shipping Address.If you have special requirements.Please contact our.

About delivery

After receiving your order information, we will prepare the products for you as soon as possible and hand them to the logistics company. And take safety protection measures for the product, so that the product can be in your hands intact.


Q: Do I need to buy any accessories?
A: You only need to prepare a 4-core cable, which is enough to meet your connection distance, and other accessories required to connect the product are also included in the package, so you do not need to purchase additional. (excluding lock)

Q:How far is the connection distance supported?
A:It depends on the diameter and quality of the cable you use. Generally, there is no problem with the cable within 50 meters.

Q:Is there a motion detection function? how to use?
A:The product supports motion detection. You can insert the memory card into the product, turn on the motion detection function in the menu settings, and set the video or picture format to record.

Q:Does it support lock links?
A:Yes, this product supports the connection of up to 2 electronic locks, which can be connected with all types of locks on the market. If you need guidance, you can contact us.

Q:Is it possible to directly connect the home power cord without using a power adapter?
A:No problem, you can buy the built-in power supply version, minus the power plug, and connect it directly to the household power cord.

Q:Can I connect with the cctv camera?
A:Yes, this product supports up to 2 cctv cameras, 2 locks and PIR alarm。

Q:How to mute the product?
A:This product has a one-key mute function. If you do not want to be disturbed, press the one-key mute button on the product, and you will not be disturbed.

Q: Does the product support customized ringing tones?
A:Yes, you can download the ringtone you want to replace to your memory card, and then insert it into the monitor to customize your ringtone.

Q: Does the product have instructions in Russian?
A: Yes, there are. If you need a manual in pdf format, please contact us.

Q:What smart home is supported?
A:This product supports Tuya smart and smart Lift home connection , currently does not support Alexa and Google Smart.

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