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SHEGLAM Sun Sculpt Liquid Contour-Golden Sun

SHEGLAM Sun Sculpt Liquid Contour-Golden Sun

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  • Achieve a perfectly sculpted and radiant complexion with SHEGLAM's Sun Sculpt Liquid Contour in the shade Golden Sun. This liquid contour blends seamlessly onto the skin, providing a natural and long-lasting contour that adds depth and dimension. Formulated using high-quality ingredients, this contour not only enhances your facial features but also nourishes the skin.

    Färg: Golden Sun
  • Typ: Kontur Flytande
  • Textur: Flytande
  • Avslut: Naturell

Produktmått in cm :

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En-Storlek 3.08 8.2 3.5 5.2 g
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