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Tuya Biometric Fingerprint Lock Bluetooth Electronic Smart Door Lock Remote Keyless Unlocking Control for Wooden Doors

Tuya Biometric Fingerprint Lock Bluetooth Electronic Smart Door Lock Remote Keyless Unlocking Control for Wooden Doors

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Mortise Lock Size


Ways To Unlock: Password

Ways To Unlock: Remote Control

Ways To Unlock: Card


Ways To Unlock: Mechanical Keys

Ways To Unlock: APP

Ways To Unlock: bluetooth

Material: Zinc alloy

Model Number: f5

Power Supply: Dry Battery

Suitable Door Type: Wooden Door

Connectivity: bluetooth

Suitable for Mortise: 5050

Certification: CE

Doorknob Funcition: Key & Keypad

Doorknob Funcition: Biometric

Finish Type: Other

Handle Direction: Direction Reversible

Protection Level: No Waterproof

Smart home platform: Tuya

Included Components: list

Fit Door Thickness: 30-100mm


Product parameters

Product volume: 40*20*20cm

Product weight: 1kg

Material: aluminum alloy

Power supply mode: 4 No. 7 batteries

Fingerprint capacity: 50

IC card capacity: 100 pcs

Unlocking method: fingerprint / password / Tuya APP / swipe / key

Suitable door thickness: 30-100mm

6 Unlocking Methods, Safer and More Diverse Experience

1. Fingerprint

2. Password

3. Temporary Password

4. Key Unlock

5. Tuya App

6. RFID Card

One hold and open: The handle of the intelligent lock conforms to the design of human mechanics.

Press the fingerprint to open the door easily.

Press the handle down to open the door, and lift the handle up to close the door

Virtual password: Entering the wrong number before and after the correct password can still open the door,

effectively protecting the real password.To give you a safer experience

Remotely control anti-theft upgrades to double security

Smart lock configurable tuya APP

The switch of the lock can be controlled remotely through TuyaAPP or a temporary password can be generated for special occasions


The smart lock comes with a mechanical key and magnetic card as well as a data cable

When the smart lock is out of power, it can be opened by the mechanical key, or the charging treasure can be used to temporarily unlock the lock (Note: the charging treasure can only temporarily supply power, and the battery needs to be replaced after unlocking to use it normally)

Normally Open Mode:after opening the normally open mode, it is not necessary to enter the password, and you can directly press the door handle to open the door. Frequent opening is more convenient

Mute Guard: adjust the size or mute of the sound to protect the family's sleep

From the lock body to the chip, the security protection from the inside out protects the security and privacy of every room for you




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